Современная резиденция — The Clovelly House

Here is a contemporary home that manages to impress due to its elegance and soberness. The Clovelly Residence comes from Tzannes Associates and is located in Sydney, Australia, within a natural cliff setting. According to the architects, “the residence forms a L-shape to create a protected enclave and to maximize solar access, natural ventilation and aspect as well as utilizing energy efficiency by including 3 water tanks, reverse brick veneer walls, sun control louvers and shutters, natural ventilation, hot water solar panels and photo-voltaic cells.” Aside from its impressive sustainable features, we have to say we were pleasantly surprised by this home’s interior design, a true display of style and contemporary living at its best. Timber is present in almost every room, creating unique contrasts and some wonderful visual effects. The decors are “spotless” and some of the rooms inspire soberness and discipline.

Квартиры и дома от строительно-риелторской компании.

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