Зеленый дом в лесу

Зеленый дом в лесу — Exceptional Green Home in the Forest

Westside Road project started with the idea of designing a home on a 2240 square feet terrain in Healdsburg, California. The challenge was brought on by the steep terrain, a 22 acres site with a wooded ravine and hills all around. Situated on a hill top, this home offers incredible views of the Russian River Valley. A lap pool invites you to tonify your muscles while breathing the surrounding fresh air. Architect Dowling Kimm  used the most sustainable materials and energy efficient systems. It is participating in the LEED for Homes program, meaning that this green design has a purpose for the future. In order to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels used, and also to benefit from direct sunlight all throughout the summer months, this home faces south.

All appliances are Energy Star rated and help lead an eco-friendly life. The exterior of the house is simple, yet beautiful and enchants the viewer with its natural perfect mix of colours. The interior design stays within the same lines: earthly, natural colours, deep beige and pure white naturally contrast with the life-like brown. Fire and warmth surround the idea of comfy, cosy and natural security. A fire place lies in the middle of the living area as a reminder of ages that passed. The art chosen for the Westside Road residence expresses a unity with the nature that surrounds the house from everywhere. The bright, big windows invite natural light to caress every curb and corner. All is left is to enjoy the fresh air received as a gift from the forest surrounding this eco-friendly, beautiful home.

В таком доме я бы поставил ворота автоматические раздвижные , да еще и с пультом.

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