This modern home addition with an original and unexpected design comes from Paul McAneary Architects  and is located in Hammersmith, London. The project is called “Faceted House 1″ and it represents an impressive extension of a two story building. The new construction has an unusual exterior, featuring sliding doors and a frameless folded roof panel, creating a “ballet of light”. But above all that, the architects wanted to create a strong indoor/outdoor connection: “The concept driving the whole design is a 30° twist that allows physical and perceptive overlapping between the indoor and the outdoor spaces, between the garden and kitchen thresholds – so whilst at the sink you feel the garden is actually behind you. This conceptual idea is manifest in the details of the faceted zinc facade and the floating external deck, being cut back to a fine angled edge. The garden becomes a vital ingredient of the living space.”

Портал Архитектуры Киева, новостройки.